Beware The Ides of March? Really?

Ok, so some spooky old soothsayer warned Julius Caesar to be leery of today’s date – but how could it possibly be iniquitous when we get the kind of news we got today?!?  I’m thinking the Ides of March might just become a new Nerd Holiday – aka Nerdiday?!?!  Anyone?  Anyone?  No?  Alright then . . . . moving on.

Thanks to the folks at The Mary Sue, we learned that Joss Whedon kinda-sorta promised some new Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog will begin production this summer.  We all know Joss has been a busy boy lately with The Avengers and other projects – but we hope the Doctor Horrible information holds it’s water.  I just hope for Nathan Fillion’s sake Joss doesn’t bring Marc Evan Jackson into the project.  That guy steals the spotlight from Nathan on the Thrilling Adventure Hour every time!  (If you haven’t checked out that podcast by now, SHAME ON YOU!!!  I told you about it MONTHS ago!)

In gaming news, the long awaited release date for Diablo III has finally been announced!  May 15th the gates of hell will once again open and gamers across the planet will peer into the void anxious to see what awaits them on the other side.  Ok – a little mellow dramatic, sure – but we (collectively) have been waiting for this title for YEARS so cut us some slack, ok?  Now the clock is ticking down for me to decide what class I will play first.  I always feel as though I make the wrong decisions when it comes to this – but I still have time to do more research!

Hey, I gotta go – my friend Brutus just showed up.  Say’s he has something he wants to show me.  I love surprises!


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